Friday, September 28, 2012

Using a Wrap for Belly Support in Pregnancy

Who knew all the cool things you could do with baby carriers! Things like, support your growing pregnant belly!

If you have a woven wrap or ring sling, you can easily use either one as a belly support to help your body “carry” your baby, prior to birth. If you’re anything like me, as the third trimester begins and the belly starts to grow at a very rapid pace- your hips, back and pelvis can really begin to get sore. If you’re up walking around a lot this can intensify. Using a wrap or ring sling wrapped around your belly to provide support can make this time much more comfortable.

It’s important to be using a woven wrap, rather than a stretchy one, or a ring sling. The reason for using something non-stretchy, is that it will provide more adequate support.

If you are using a wrap, you’ll want to find your middle marker and place the center of the wrap over your belly, leaving a fair amount that hangs past your belly and over your pelvis. So, about from the belly button down. Gather the fabric  up tightly, and spread it so that it’s spread from belly button, to lower pelvis. Pull both sides around your hips, being careful to keep it spread. Cross the fabric behind your back, keeping it spread as much as possible. Bring the fabric back around to your front, lower belly, and tie. If your wrap is longer, you can do one more front cross and tie in the back.

If you are using a ring sling, you’ll want to start with the rings toward the middle of your back. Pull the fabric around from your back, keeping it spread out, across your belly and back to the rings where you will thread it through. Tighten up the fabric just enough to provide support but not be uncomfortable.
There you have it! Another use for your carrier!  

Photo Credit: TheFeministBreeder 

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